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Cape Town


Limmud Cape Town: Together Again, will take place in August 2023. It is a non-residential Limmud but the conference centre is surrounded by three world-class hotels that you can book to stay at for the weekend. This year we have decided to offer a range of ticket options to allow you to truly customise your Limmud journey. You can choose to join us: 

  • For the full weekend conference happening Saturday to Sunday, inclusive of all meals;
  • For our special Friday Night Gala Dinner, which includes Shabbat Services and exclusive sessions with international presenters;
  • For the day on Sunday only, inclusive of all meals;
  • OR, do it all!


To be confirmed!

The venue will be covered by an Eruv, but we highly recommend booking at one of the nearby hotels to be close to all the action! 

Introducing this year’s co-chairs:

Sue Chalom
Sue is a writer, teacher and lover of all things artsy. On weekends she can be found in the mountains – her happy place. As a huge fan and participant of Limmud for over a decade, she is excited to be part of the team co-creating Limmud Cape Town 2023

Anita Shapiro
Anita has a background in film and education, and enjoys gathering people around shared interests, e.g. writing, menopause support, cold water swimming, and of course Jewish Learning.  Her favourite holiday is Sukkot with its powerful message of divine protection in a transient world, but also because she loves building things. Her goal for Limmud 2023 is, in the words of Walt Disney, “Build it and they will come!”

Gill Saks
Gill has a passion for cooking and feeding people, loves all things community centred and is a magical multitasker positively impacting all who meet her.

She found her spiritual home at Limmud in 2018 and has been a volunteer ever since. Gill believes in the Utopian Jewish community that is Limmud.


Limmud is completely driven by volunteers. Limmud Cape Town welcomes anyone wishing to take part in this amazing effort. Whether you have two hours to give or two hundred, if you are looking for a way to contribute to creating a more well rounded and cohesive Jewish community – Limmud Cape Town is the place for you.

Limmud Cape Town will take you one step further on your Jewish journey. To get involved, email

A Learning Community

Limmud Cape Town is guided by the Limmud values. These are:

  • Arguments for the sake of heaven
  • Community and mutual responsibility
  • Diversity
  • Enabling connections
  • Empowerment
  • Expanding Jewish Horizons
  • Learning
  • Participation
  • Religious Observance
  • Respect